St. Cletus Catholic School :: Challenging Curriculum

St. Cletus builds a strong foundation for life-long learning. We recognize the diverse talents and individual learning styles within our school children. Saint Cletus is a state-recognized pre-school through grade 8 facility, with an average average student/teacher ratio of 21:1. 100% of students are accepted to their first choice high school.  Our mission is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that develops all aspects of Gods children in body, mind, and spirit.

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Beyond the Core

St. Cletus is voluntarily integrating the Common Core into our rich tradition because we view the standards as being in the best interest of the children and families we serve. However, going beyond the standards of public schools has always been a hallmark of our school.

Our goal is to provide a challenging curriculum to all students in the context of our Catholic faith.

Primary School (pre-school through 5th grade)

Students in pre-school through 5th grade enter an exciting developmental stage of childhood. St. Cletus strives to capture the enthusiastic sense of wonder that is the gift of this age.

More About Common Core

It is important to remember the Common Core standards do not tell teachers how to teach or what texts they must teach.  We are free to use elements of the standards that are in the best interest of our students.  As a result, we exceed state standards while our 8th grade Explore scores surpass neighboring public schools.


Middle School (6th, 7th, and 8th grade)

Middle School is a time of rapid intellectual, spiritual, and social growth for students. St. Cletus provides for this growth with a curriculum tailored to emphasize academic excellence.