St. Cletus Catholic School :: Spiritual Development

As a Catholic school, St. Cletus School's educational philosophy is centered in the belief that the most important relationship your child can have is with God. By making faith a part of the everyday life, your child will come to know and love God. He or she will in turn desire to serve God through their prayers and acts of kindness toward others.

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Spiritual formation takes place through:


Your child will learn to pray through song, formal Catholic prayers, and informal prayer from the heart. They will learn to praise God through prayer and to ask for His help for special intentions.


Students plan and participate in all-school Masses at least twice a month. Younger students are paired with older students to provide a role model on appropriate behavior at masses and in the classroom.


We provide an environment where the children enjoy a positive learning experience guided by Christian values, always encouraging kindness to others.

Parish Involvement

Students in the Children's Choir (grades 3 through 8) and Altar servers (grades 6 through 8) share their time and talents with the parish community.

Community Service

Junior high students have a mandatory service hour requirement for religion classes. Students also participate in Make a Difference Day focused on serving members of our St. Cletus parish in need. Students organize food drives and other events to benefit the community at large throughout the year.

Pastor Visits

Frequent visits by the priests and other members of the religious community develops an awareness of parish and church family.


All grades have daily religion classes including instruction about God's love for us and special people like the saints.


Reconciliation services are held throughout the year. Sacramental preparation takes place during Religion classes: Sacrament of Reconciliation 2nd grade, Sacrament of Holy Eucharist 2nd grade, Confirmation in 8th grade.