The St. Cletus School Technology Program | iPads | Smart Boards | Document Cameras| BYOD

St. Cletus is recognized for technology innovation.  Students are exposed to a variety of different hardware tools and software applications while learning above and beyond high school expectations.

Our parish has a full time IT help desk, dedicated technology integration specialist in the Technology Learning Center, and active voluneteer tech consultants from the parish. 

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Technology Hardware


School Technology Integration

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to technology integration. Unlike some schools, we believe technology isn't just a class for students. Rather, students are encouraged to work on class projects using technology.  Where appropriate, students can turn in projects by means of video, podcasts, or 3D graphical animation.  Imagine taking a class to Egypt through a virtual tour and present to peers on the great pyramids.  Then, using mathmatics and Google Sketchup, create a scale three-dimensional mockup of Giza.  This is our vision of technology integration.

Classroom Tools

Integrating technology across all subject levels and not solely in a lab environment takes a great deal of technology.  In 2013, we just completed the last of our classroom technology enhance projects.  Now, each classroom (K-8) has its own mounted Smart Board, projector, and audio enhancement system.  Interactive lessons can be student or teacher lead, presentations can be displayed for the entire class to see (on our 77" boards), and the world wide web can be accessed by touching the board.  Other tools available to students and staff include document cameras, Flip video cameras, iPads, Surface tablet, desktops, laptops, netbooks, and listening stations.

Students Bring Their Own Device (BYOD)

St. Cletus was the first school in the Archdiocse to adopt an official BYOD program. In fact, our staff even presented to other schools. This program is unique because it allows students to bring their own device to class (when directed). Students are free to choose a device for which they are comfortable. Our research shows nearly 50% of teens own a smart phone with wifi, not to mention other wifi-enabled devices like ipods, Kindles, tablets, and laptops.  Even our third graders participated in our BYOD program by bringing in digital cameras to monitor progress of their embryo project.  Our objective is to teach students how to use these devices not just for entertainment, but for lifelong learning.  Participation in the program is optional, as the school has iPads, desktops, netbooks, laptops, and Surface tablets available.  (Our technology committee has our hardware on a 5 year rotation cycle.  Each year, at least 20% of our inventory is brand new.)

Staff Development & Support

Our school is committed to continuing education and professional development. Staff is eager to seek out new opportunities to engage students and help students with their class goals.

St. Cletus is also one of the few Catholic early childhood, primary, and junior high schools to have a full time help desk staffed during the day.  This provides maximum uptime of equipment as repairs are done in-house and provides teachers an on-site resource if they get stuck with a piece of technology or need assistance with integrating in their curriculum.