St. Cletus Catholic School :: Junior Great Books

The world our students will be entering as adults will be increasingly competitive. To succeed and thrive in this future, they will need to master critical thinking skills, enhance the ability to understand new concepts, and make reasoned decisions based on that information. Reading -- long the building block of education - -becomes even more essential in our children's growth and development, both academic and personally. Junior Great Books and book club discussions provide students with such crucial skills.

As our students prepare for an increasingly competitive world, they must hone their critical thinking skills, improve their ability to understand new concepts and make reasoned decisions based on information at hand. Formal reading programs provide youngsters with these and many other skills.

Great Books is a longtime tradition at St. Cletus School. We currently offer the Junior Great Books program for students in grades 3-6. In addition, Junior High students in Grades 7-8 can take part in a lunchtime book club.

Students in grades 3-6 who participate in the voluntary Junior Great Books program read short stories that will challenge them with meaningful themes. Then, they come together as a group during the school lunch/recess period to discuss the works they've read. This group discussion is important, because it allows students to focus their thoughts, listen to and learn from one another, and build on one another's ideas to enhance critical thinking skills and, of course, have fun along the way.