St. Cletus Catholic School :: Rainbows Program

We are excited that you are considering Rainbows for your child! This group will provide your child with the opportunity to share his or her feelings in a group setting, among his or her peers. Through this support group, we hope to assist your child in expressing his or her own feelings, to feel acceptance about what has happened, and to feel a sense of belonging.

Who will lead the sessions?

Mrs. Becky Mahr (kindergarten teacher) and Ms. Lauren Rein (preschool teacher) are the group facilitators. We have received training in Rainbows but we are not therapists.

Who will be in the group?

Children in grades kindergarten-8th.

When do the groups meet?

Meetings will be held for approximately 30 minutes on the dates listed below.

What goes on in group sessions?

Rainbows Group provides a safe environment for children. Members are asked to agree to confidentiality about what others say in the group. Crafts, journals, games, and other materials are used. The students enjoy a snack and participate in the activity and discussion. They can share and participate as much or as little as they'd like.

See a list of the Rainbows meetings for the first half of the year. A list of meeting dates for the remainder of the year will be sent out in January. We will hold Rainbows in Room 98-B from 3:10-3:45. Children should wait OUTSIDE of the classroom until a teacher arrives. If your child should go directly to aftercare, please send us a note. Please return the permission slip to the school office BEFORE the first meeting.



Permission Slip