St. Cletus Is Committed To Digital Citizenship

Students should be respectful, kind, and honest when using technology. Students will talk to their teacher or parent when they see, feel, or experience something that is not right on the internet. Students will use strong passwords and make sure teachers and parents have their passwords. The knowledge of not all people are who they say they are on the internet will be given to students. Students will use primary sources and not use technology to plagiarize or cheat.


Stakeholder Responsibility

Teachers will partner with parents regarding types of devices and digital curriculum children will use throughout the year. Teachers and parents will review the school's acceptable use policy with students. Students will sign a pledge of safety that supports device care and digital citizenship expectations. Teachers will teach students how to take proper care of their devices. Teachers will pre-assess student knowledge and experience with devices in order to plan instruction and teach specific web skills and applications that students are expected to use. Instruction should engage students. Teachers will pursue professional learning opportunities to strengthen curricular and digital skills and become digitally literate. Computers and devices will be visible to teachers, and limits and guidelines for use will be set. There will be system controls for devices and website and teachers will preview websites in advance. St. Cletus will assist in the development of digital citizens by providing ongoing professional learning for staff and continuing education for students and parents.

Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between